Starmade | Planet part entities does not vanish even without any blocks
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This is a very simple issue, a lot of people was imagining such thing was already reported.
When you blow up a planet, the part entities goes away from the explosion. However, even if you completely mine out the entire planet plate leaving no blocks on it, it will still show up on the Navigation tab, and also on the galaxy map as planet entities spread out.


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What did you use to blow up the planet ? An admin command or a ship/station's weapons ?

What did you use to blow up the planet ? An admin command or a ship/station's weapons ?

A ship's weapon.

psycommando added a comment.EditedAug 14 2015, 10:49 PM

Thanks ! I just wanted to clear that up.
I've used an admin command. I doubt it will changes anything. But its nice to have some extra details.
(EDIT: I also tested it by destroying the planet with a large canon. I can confirm it doesn't change anything. Both methods results in the planet plates leaving a floating marker after being mined completely. )

I was able to reproduce the bug.
Mining out entirely a planet plate from a destroyed planet leaves its marker floating in space forever. And a planet icon stays on the galaxy map as well.

How to reproduce :

  1. Use /explode_planet_sector while near a planet. (EDIT: or build a ~3,000+ block auto-canon and shoot it until it explodes.)
  2. Once the plates have stopped moving and have become solid again, place down a build block and enter it.
  3. Remove all blocks from a plate in build mode*
  4. As you're kicked out of buildmode, when you finally remove the build block, notice how the planet part HUD marker is still there and selectable, and also in the navigation menu, and galaxy map.

*Note that I increased the PLAYER_MAX_BUILD_AREA to 500 to make this faster.

Restarting doesn't fix the issue.
After testing it again a few times, I can also confirm that the marker stays on the galaxy map as well !

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Tested again on 0.19431, from a fresh install, and the issue appears to still not be resolved.

Exploding a planet, then removing all blocks from any of its plates still leaves the marker of the plate, both on the hud, and in the galaxy map. Restarting doesn't change anything either.

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-QA Testing-

Seems like it suffers from something asteroids used to have:

First of all, it's fixed for planet plates of unexploded planets.
It's not for exploded planet plates:

  • If you completely remove all blocks of an exploded planet plate, the entity marker will disappear but it won't on the map (waited a long time for it to update, but it never did, maybe because i didn't unload the sector?)
  • If you unload/load the sector that planet plate was in, the planet plate will be spawned again with it last saved state. Pretty much exactly the same as T173
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