Starmade | Game complains inventory is full in creative mode
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When trying to remove any item not in the creative menu (like yhole or stone fragments) the game says the inventory is full when in creative mode. Therefore the block can't be removed from ships or stations in creative mode.


Testing Results
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Single and Multi
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GeForce GTX 760
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Could you get a screen shot of what you're seeing. I have tried to replicate, and can't see any of my own inventory in the ship yard.. or in sp creative.

Filled all the slots and tried to remove an existing block off a prebuilt ship. Gave the no room in inventory. When leaving creative i can then remove blocks.

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I totally forgot about this one but it seems fixed since a bit of time now, no ?

Last tested version : 0.19563 / Single player / Creative mode
I can't reproduce anymore.

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irrelevant with cargo

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