Starmade | Shipyard running out of power causes loss of blocks
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A shipyard running out of power while constructing will try to restart construction over and over again, but under the line:
All blocks in construction vanish.


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Single and Multi
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0.19469 (Dev)
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Control Block System: Shipyards
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Support-ticket 2128
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@AndyP can you upload your station so that I can recreate it with the same way it was built?

AndyP added a comment.Sep 15 2015, 7:57 AM


It was a support ticket not my station, any shipyard should have this when the power goes out.

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This is a feature that does not happen or does not exist(?)

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This may or may not be fixed. I tried to make it run out of power while building and it would completely build the ship, but then when I was deconstructing the ship and I would remove all the power it would stop completely and not remove all the blocks. So, I cannot tell if this is completely fixed.

it should just "stop" when out of power, and continue when power is restored.

(Or at least go into a state, where you can restart the process without loosing items.)

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-QA Testing-

Well, I don't see any item loss anymore related to power loss. However, it seems you don't really need a lot of power to construct at full speed. I'm currently sitting on 50% regen of what I require yet it seems to go almost as fast as 100%. For both constructing and deconstructing.
Completely removing power regen brings it down to a snail speed (it still constructs/deconstructs, but extremely slowly).

Sending back in queue, needs feedback on what it is supposed to do when it doesn't reach enough power regen.

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It will do one step (pulling and constructing) when it has enough power for one step

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-QA Testing-

Fix confirmed

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