Starmade | Server cannot be started because of one collapsed "SIMULATION_STATE.sim"
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One day, our server crashed and we could not start it again. The attempts to restart the server by using the launcher always failed. Then, we started deleting some files in the "server-database" folder. Finally, we found that we can start the server again by deleting one file "SIMULATION_STATE.sim".

I would like to put a piece of log around the fail and the cause "SIMULATION_STATE.sim".

We have no precise idea why this file causes the server failure. At least, we found that the attached one was empty while it is usually filled with 34 bytes of Zero.

Thank you.
I found I made a wrong statement "while it is usually filled with 34 bytes of Zero". The wrong .sim is filled with 34 bytes of zeros and the proper one is filled with non-zero values. It can be seen in the newly attached files. In addition, we found that the wrong one seems to be generated in a server crash.
A piece of log around the fail Bug #xxxx-log.txt
The cause Bug #xxxx-SIMULATION_STATE.sim
Attempt to start server with wrong "SIMULATION_STATE.sim" Bug #xxxx-log.txt.0
Causes server crash. (34 Bytes) Bug #xxxx-SIMULATION_STATE(NG).sim
Does not cause server crash. (34 Bytes) Bug #xxxx-SIMULATION_STATE(OK).sim
Supplied Bug #xxxx-SIMULATION_STATE(NG).sim causes a crash of the game as described.

Java is not beeing terminated, so restart after the crash wasnt possible either without killing the java task.
Deleting the similation_state.sim file lets you restart the game.
dedicated server + connect of a client did work again after that.
The file wasnt recreated on start or login but on logout.


Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Last tested (version)
0.19602 (DEV)
Issue Type
First occurrence (version)
Video Card Vendor
Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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-QA Testing-
can now start the server with the supplied broken file.

fixed then i guess

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