Starmade | Sun/Star Heat damages astronaut in a ship's core even when ship isn't taking damage.
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I just played the new .1837 and found this bug.

On approach toward a star inside a ship's core my astronaut began taking damage. No warnings abut the ship's hull taking damage or anything else. This was around my home base and I wouldn't normally have taken SHIP damage at this distance. Moreover I needed to go to a completely different sector to shake off the damage effect. The second time I tried to land on my base I had to turn around again, but wasn't able to clear the sector in time and so died....

This can't be the intended behavior can it? My ship should have been affected as well, but it wasn't. And besides my ship should have protected me, right? This is a nasty bug guys.


Ship stays intact, pilot dies slowly when in control of ship.


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-QA Testing-

wrecked a ship while flying towards a sun without the pilot being damaged
pilot gets harmed when outside the core and the ship is taking damage from a sun

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