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A server had a nullpointer exception (that got catched), supposedly it was caused by a planet shipyard although I can't reproduce.

[2016-02-03 23:22:01] java.lang.NullPointerException
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at obfuscated.apS.b(SourceFile:1091)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at obfuscated.apN.a(SourceFile:200)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at obfuscated.aqK.update(SourceFile:213)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at obfuscated.aqG.update(SourceFile:145)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at obfuscated.Rr.updateLocal(SourceFile:283)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at
[2016-02-03 23:22:01]     at Source)
[2016-02-03 23:22:01] [SERVER] Exception catched

Don't have the rest of the logs though, hope this is enough to fix it (not that we can confirm the fix anyway...)


Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Not on purpose
Last tested (version)
Issue Type
Control Block System: Shipyards
First occurrence (version)
Video Card Vendor
Tester information (Internal use only)

See description, put back to open if stack trace isn't enough.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
<replace this line with the file content>
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fixed with different bugfix. 99.9% sure it can't happen anymore

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Closing then, no idea how to reproduce so if something similar happens again, we'll check it out.

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