Starmade | using thrusters and mouse input while power outage causes fast spinning
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If you run out of power and get the flashing red GUI (with sometimes outage recovery) you can still orientate yourself with the mouse.

However, when you are still using the keyboard to try and move around, you will not be able to orientate yourself.
Just run out of power and try to move and orientate at the same time, you'll notice what I mean.


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Single and Multi
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0.19602 (Dev)
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-QA Testing-

Fix confirmed.

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@lancake @schema

I request a re-open

0.198.485 Not fixed yet. It just happened to me.

Ship used = 1 core + 1 basic rail + 1 camera + 1 AI module + 1console board.
I destroyed all blocks but the core and reach ~51% structure HP.
That'd cause a power and thruster outage.
The result was an unbearable weird hi-speed spin impossible to stop without reboot while trying to move.

It was really nasty. Gif version is slower than the ingame spin but you'll get the idea from it. That hi-speed spin should be prevent anyhow cause that kind of thing can be dangerous for epileptics and very unpleasant for others.

This task was about you running out of power (which kills your thrust). Not about the SHP penalties.

@lancake Ok, so should I open a new one ? Because it's may not the same cause but it's the same result. SHP ==> power & trust outage ==> uncontrolable spin.

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